How do women's underwear manufacturers have repeat customers? ingor knitting real case description

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-23
Now the competition between industries is very fierce, and the competition between women's underwear manufacturers makes companies in this industry feel the same. The development of women's underwear is inseparable from old customers and repeat customers. Some people have calculated that developing a new customer is 25 times the cost of maintaining an old customer. So how can women's underwear home retain good repeat customers? Take a look at real cases that happened at ingorsports.

Ingorsports vigorously developed online marketing in 2017. In October last year, Mr. Wu from Zhengzhou first found our ingorsports women's underwear manufacturer through the Internet. Customers have been browsing our women's underwear manufacturer's corporate website for a long time for several days, and have also read a lot. pages. The customer took the initiative to send an inquiry, saying that he currently has several stores in Zhengzhou and needs a batch of women's underwear with better quality. After reading our ingorsports, I feel that our ingorsports women's underwear manufacturer is more professional, and I hope to cooperate.

The customer selected several styles, we sent samples to the customer, the customer was very satisfied, and directly selected 5 styles of the first batch of women's underwear, and ordered 300 pieces of each style. The client said that he originally wanted to come to our women's underwear factory for an interview, but because Zhengzhou is far from our Guangzhou, the client asked us to send him the business license of the women's underwear manufacturer and some production scene pictures of the factory. The guests were also very happy and paid the deposit directly.

One week later, after packing the box according to the customer's packaging requirements and ordering requirements, take a picture to the customer, and the customer will call the balance, and we will ship it to him. After the customer received the goods, the feedback information was very good. He was very satisfied. The goods were distributed to their store, and the response was very good.

In December last year, a customer sent a sample garment and asked us to process it for him. After the designer of our women's underwear manufacturer got the sample garment, he looked carefully. Although it was a seamless knitting process, the materials were relatively Special, it is a new type of material, which is not commonly used by us. It is very brittle. Our women's underwear manufacturer mobilized the supplier's resources and finally found this material. At that time, we bought 1 kg of material, and after repeated attempts, we finally helped the customer. Make samples. After the customer received the sample clothes, he kept thanking our women's underwear manufacturer. He said that this women's underwear is a new type of women's underwear found on the market, but he thinks it is very good and will definitely sell well. He has also contacted several underwear factories. , but other manufacturers are unwilling to help him do it. This time, he was very moved that we were able to work so hard to help him produce.

It's not last week, the customer came to the message again, saying that the ladies underwear we gave him last year sold very well, let us make up the order, each need 1000 pieces, also called the deposit directly, he believes us The quality of the products produced by women's underwear manufacturers is very comfortable and pleasant to cooperate with our women's underwear manufacturers, and there is no need for him to worry about it.

How can women's underwear manufacturers have repeat customers? To put it bluntly, women's underwear manufacturers can really consider the concerns of customers, worry about their urgency, leave troubles to themselves, and leave convenience to customers!

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