hoopsters\' uniforms on the loose

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-20
When female college students from Duke University, Georgia, Purdue University and Louis Anna State Institute of Technology are in San Jose tonight for the NCAA finals, the tailoring of their uniforms may not be the first thing they think.
But the audience watching TV
The body of the sculpture in loose shorts can\'t help but notice that the basketball suit is not the most flattering.
These athletes can die for their thighs, but they will disguise in the folds and folds of oversized clothing.
In contrast to the stylish, streamlined look of volleyball players, gymnasts, speed skaters and track and field stars, one can\'t help but wonder why basketball players choose to look so sexy.
What\'s the style of this crazy parade?
\"I like our uniform.
\"I will not change anything,\" Erica Gomez said . \".
University of California, Los Angeles\'s point guard and her team almost missed their chances to reach the final when they were defeated by Louis Anna State Polytechnic on Monday.
Older generations may have gotten used to the little shorts and big hair of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, but loose shorts are better for today\'s athletes.
A longer, looser trend
It is widely believed that in the days of the Chicago Bulls, the fitting shorts began with Michael Jordan.
At the beginning of 1990, when five freshmen from Fab, Michigan, put their shorts on a new length, female athletes followed suit.
The champion product called the trend \"upgrade \". \" The Winston-Salem, N. C. -
S. -based companies provide uniforms to several NBA, WNBA and NCAA teams.
The NCAA uniform was designed by women.
Specific mode.
Spokeswoman Nicole Black said the champion cut the uniform to the specifications of the player, but the player zoomed in size to get a \"oversized look \".
Ann Meyers de lesdale is the first woman to receive a basketball scholarship from the University of California, Los Angeles, from 1975 to 1978, and is now an ESPN women\'s basketball commentator.
\"I hope to see cleaner college players.
But this is a thing from generation to generation.
We like our shorts when I play basketball in college.
Women today like to be loose. \" (
When de lesdale played college basketball, there was no such thing as a sports bra. Ouch! )
Because the NCAA rules did not solve the problem, today\'s players escaped wearing oversized uniforms.
\"Our regulations mainly involve the size of the letters and logos on the jerseys.
According to the NCAA spokesman Wally Renfro, the length of the shorts follows a popular trend.
Both the NBA and the WNBA have rules that the player\'s shorts must be one inch above his knee. L. A.
Sparks center and Wilhelmina fashion model Lisa Leslie believe that college women prefer a relaxed look due to age and body image.
\"In college, I wear T-
My shirt under my basketball uniform, but now I can\'t wear a shirt while playing.
It shows where your body is and how young you are.
Adrain Williams at the University of Southern California center agreed.
\"Many players are from
Realize their body.
Many times we have slim bodies and we want to hide our skin.
I used to run a lot, and even later I wore my basketball shorts.
\"Although the women\'s basketball shorts are undoubtedly loose, some teams are following the WNBA\'s example of wearing shorter, more tapered legs. This more form-
When the NBA Women\'s League was born in 1997, it created a suitable style for it.
\"We looked at the performance of the uniform of the women\'s college games and found the problem of fitting.
It looks like uniforms are good for men and are made for sloppy displays, \"explains Tom O\'Grady, vice president and creative director of NBA Entertainment, who is making uniforms for the WNBA.
\"We noticed that women\'s shorts were long and loose in college games and they seemed to block the way when players dribble.
\"Some of the alternatives to the university shorts considered by the WNBA include units similar to those worn by the 1996 Australian Olympic team, Skorts, and even clothing.
Williams cringes of the University of Southern California
\"I can\'t see playing basketball in those places.
\"Fortunately, the sketch never fell off the drawing board.
\"Women make it clear that they want a uniform that is the same style as a male player.
\"They want to be taken seriously as athletes,\" O\'Grady said . \".
Winning for the WNBA is a jersey with a narrower torso than the men\'s NBA style, a wider shoulder coverage, a slightly wider torso on the hips, a shorter inner side and a tapered leg.
These subtle changes in the cut are reflected in the contours of some university uniforms.
\"We and Nike (
Supplier of school)
Give a more tapered effect to women\'s jerseys and shorts, and fix the neck lines, sleeve holes and waist to suit women\'s physique.
\"Women want to have their own style,\" said Chris Gobrecht, head coach of the University of Southern California . \".
Some teams are maintaining their personal style in other ways.
Louis Anna State Technology chose V-neck short-
A sleeve sweatshirt, not a typical sleeveless look.
Players are becoming more and more bold.
Gomez of the University of California, Los Angeles, said that now women have opened up a place for themselves in paint and look like boys don\'t have that much pressure.
\"Due to male stereotypes about basketball, most female players want to look like women on the court.
You can even see some makeup and nail polish.
\"Just don\'t let them wear tight shorts. E-mail booth. moore@latimes. com.
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