Have you also encountered these problems in network marketing for women's underwear manufacturers?

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-22
For the manufacturers of women's underwear, the autumn and winter season should really enter the peak season of production and sales. Coupled with the double 11 and double 12 e-commerce shopping festivals, women's underwear, as the highlight, can always show good results online. This has also prompted many women's underwear manufacturers to enter the Internet and start network marketing. So for manufacturers who are used to traditional women's underwear business, will there be a phenomenon of unaccustomed to network marketing?

ingorsports has been a manufacturer of seamless knitted women's underwear for 17 years. Over the years, I have been recognizing e-commerce network marketing very seriously, and in 2017, it invested manpower and material resources to develop e-commerce network marketing in an all-round way. With the development of e-commerce of ingorsports underwear manufacturers on the Internet, more and more customers find ingorsports through the Internet, and customers often ask this question.

1. Is this 'women's underwear manufacturer' really as described on the Internet?

We often see on the Internet that some underwear manufacturers will package their companies as 'high, big and high'. It is true that women's underwear manufacturers are inseparable from 'packaging' if they want to do a good job in online marketing. Then this also directly leads to confusion in the hearts of many customers. Customers often ask: 'Are you an underwear manufacturer or a trading company?

It is not surprising to encounter such problems, especially in the Internet age, because the Internet can only let people judge by themselves through visual and auditory communication. However, some underwear manufacturers boast too much on the Internet, especially some trading companies often boast on the Internet how powerful underwear manufacturers they are, making it difficult for people to tell the truth from the false. Therefore, the usual practice of ingorsports is to invite customers to visit underwear manufacturers for on-the-spot interviews. It is only for display and promotion on the Internet, so that customers can understand some real situations of underwear manufacturers, and the combination of online and offline is being done.

2. What is the professionalism and strength of women's underwear manufacturers?

The convenience of the Internet makes it very convenient for people to find underwear manufacturers. They can easily find manufacturers on the computer or mobile phone at home without leaving home. Usually, they will find a number of underwear manufacturers for comparison, and they are often confused. This lady What about underwear manufacturers? Does the strength and professionalism match your needs?

The content displayed on the Internet by powerful underwear manufacturers like ingorsports is targeted to a certain extent. Through offline contact with customers over the years, we know what customers really focus on and what they want to know. Then underwear manufacturers are How to help customers solve these confusions? At the same time, it will also show the advantages of underwear manufacturers. At the same time, there are also professional online customer service to solve some customers' confusion and build a sense of trust.

3. Tangled underwear manufacturers direct quotation.

About customers find underwear manufacturers, send a few product pictures and let the factory directly quote. In fact, regarding the picture quotation, the editor has also mentioned many times in the previous article that it is impossible to quote only with a picture, and also gives the reason. In fact, through the observation of the online operation of women's underwear manufacturer ingorsports in the past few years, the probability of making a quotation for customers online is very low, because you cannot accurately judge the workmanship, processing time, material, etc. of the customer's actual sample, and the direct online quotation can also be said to be true A not-so-responsible presentation by the client.

Many customers take a sample picture of women's underwear products to inquire and compare, which is also an irresponsible performance for themselves. Thinking about the women's underwear processing industry is no longer a rare industry. Nowadays, better underwear manufacturers are all about strength. Price is only one aspect. Quotation does not necessarily depend on increasing the unit price of customers. It can be optimized from personnel, internal raw material cost control, etc. Benefit customers.

Let's put it more simply, there are dozens of processes in the production and processing of women's underwear, involving many disciplines. Even if you need a quotation, you must give the customer a target price, and at the same time, give the manufacturer a proof, inform the production quantity of the bulk goods, and package them out. Under the requirements of the library, the underwear manufacturer can give you an accurate price.

About women's underwear manufacturers doing online marketing, there are many other problems that will be encountered, so have you encountered such problems as well? How does your underwear manufacturer solve and reply to customers?

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