half of british schoolgirls put off doing sport because of concerns about their breasts

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-09
New research shows that almost half of teenage girls may avoid exercise in school because of their breasts.
Of the 2,000 girls aged 11 to 17, there was at least one girl in three quarters who was worried about her breasts, including the embarrassment of changing due to movement, the bodyguard during exercise and the pain.
More than half of British middle school girls said they had never worn a sports bra and they almost told researchers they wanted to learn more about breast health and support.
Girls with larger breasts (D-cup plus)
Compared with people with smaller breasts, they are more likely to choose not to exercise and exercise, while people with 15 points think their breasts are too big to exercise.
The study, conducted by the University of Portsmouth Breast Health Research Group, was the first to study the effects of breasts on female students.
Found breasts-
Concerns about 14-year-old girls peaked and could delay the movement.
Professor Joanna skwe, who leads the research group, said: \"Previous studies of adult women have repeatedly shown that the same problem is directly responsible for women who no longer take part in physical education or exercise.
\"Even worse, as scientists, we know that proper breast support can reduce or even eliminate problems associated with breast movement during exercise.
All that is needed is better education, preferably during puberty for all girls.
\"Adolescence is undoubtedly a difficult time for boys and girls, but at this age, girls are more likely than boys to withdraw from sports.
Even for those who overcome physical embarrassment or embarrassment, the bra market can be overwhelming and confusing.
It is estimated that in 14-year-
Older girls in the UK do not have enough exercise to meet the government\'s exercise guidelines.
Amanda Blasher, one of the researchers, added: \"Research shows that the more concerns school girls have about breasts, the less they exercise.
We want to involve as many girls as possible in sports and exercise.
With the right education, we can alleviate the concerns of many girls, reduce the embarrassment and remove the barriers to participation in sports.
\"Research has shown that the breasts move up to 21 cms in eight modes during exercise, resulting in about three-
There were several quarters of women
Sports bra can reduce breast movement of AA cup and G-cupcup breasts.
If breast movement is not reduced, it is possible to cause irreparable damage to the fragile Cooper ligament, resulting in sagging breasts.
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