Guangzhou underwear manufacturers for 17 years talk about how to discuss cooperation with new online customers

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-21
Some inquiries from online customers recently claimed that they were looking for powerful underwear manufacturers to cooperate with them to find supply or process and produce women's underwear. As long as I know more about it, the editor found that some customers are the first to set foot in the women's underwear business. They always have many doubts about the underwear factory and women's underwear products, and the editor always patiently gives them a lot of advice. Today, Zhihao Leather, a manufacturer with 17 years of experience in seamless women's underwear processing, also came to talk about women's underwear Ruxiu's underwear business.

Yesterday, I received an inquiry from a customer in Shantou, Guangdong, saying that they are planning to open a relatively large shopping mall, and are looking for an underwear factory to customize some women's underwear, if the factory has stock in stock. Let's send him some pictures of new and exposed women's underwear products that are currently on sale. I sent him several styles of the autumn bottoming shirts and thermal underwear that our underwear factory was selling. He liked it very much after seeing it, and asked me to give him a quote and send him a sample immediately. I also told him that there was no problem, and told the customer that it was okay to send samples, but a certain deposit must be charged first. When you think the product does not meet your requirements, you can send the sample back, and I will refund the deposit fee. give him. He originally agreed, and the phone went through twice. Said there was no problem at the time.

In the early morning of this morning, the client came to the message saying that their director did not agree to send samples to the gold press. On the other hand, we said that our underwear manufacturer does not have a factory, only storefronts. They say that they cooperate with other underwear manufacturers. There is no charge for sending samples, it is called by the underwear factory, and the underwear factory will send it, saying that we have no sincere cooperation.

I also patiently tell my customers that it is really a fate that you can find our ingorsports underwear factory. We charge the deposit fee first and then refund it to you. There is no need to worry about this pressure. The factory also initially set up a hurdle, so that many products from the same industry that imitated our underwear factory were blocked.

Customers are still very entangled. I invite customers to come directly to the underwear factory to meet and negotiate, or to see the processing situation in our factory. The customer still can't accept it, just ask us to send samples...

I believe that many customers have encountered similar situations when they first found an underwear manufacturer for cooperation. Especially those who are in the underwear business for the first time, because they don't understand it, because they are worried about the risks. In fact, I always get entangled in some frank cooperation matters with each other. I always think that I am God and think that if I find you to cooperate and I will provide you with an order, you should make concessions on some principled matters. In fact, ingorsports Adhere to the principle of objectivity, equality, friendliness and mutual benefit for every customer. You need to find the right underwear manufacturer, we need to find the right customers, we are a partnership of equal friends, we will not compromise because of some unreasonable principles, even compromise is a consensus after negotiation between the two parties, not all We do all customer orders, and not all underwear manufacturers will choose you. Doing something or not doing something has always been the insistence of ingorsports.

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