Going braless: Why women are ditching the brassiere

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-12
This summer, many women around the world quietly put away their bras.
There are not many protests, and there are no public protests.
There are a lot of photos on social media, including tag # freethenipple.
Should Facebook delete nude photos of the march to # freethenipple?
With the support of celebrities like kyliejenner, I noticed my bralessstyle this summer and asked what happened.
\"Mom, everyone is doing it now,\" My teenage daughter said with a lot of eyes --
When I lack fashion.
\"Let go of the nipples, come on!
\"Over the past few months, I \'ve become less and less bra-free, probably five days a week, and it\'s really comfortable,\" says Catherine MacDonald of Charlottetown . \". The 27-year-
This summer, old graduate students and vintage shopkeepers posted a photo of her on a tight striped crop top on Instagram, noting that \"I haven\'t worn a bra for a week.
\"The waitress at East Mario complains about the manager asking her to wear a bra\" and I really only wear a bra when I need it
\"In a professional environment, or when the costume needs it,\" McDonald said . \".
\"I think people are embracing their natural body shape,\" McDonald said . \" He noted that some women chose unstructured bras as an alternative to de-bra.
MacDonald said: \"Ultimately, boredom is part of a bigger movement for me to become positive and comfortable with myself, \"noting that she has received nothing but positive and encouraging comments about her new image.
The McDonald\'s Post \"the courage to make it all over\" inspired Charlottetown actor Rebecca Griffin to venture --
Because she thinks her chest is too big, she always avoids such a thing.
\"She gave me more courage to make it all over.
Because, who cares? \" the 23-year-
Old Griffin laughed.
\"It feels very free. it feels very good.
It\'s great to see other women taking risks along this road because it gives you confidence in yourself.
Griffin admits \"very vulnerable\", despite what she calls \"awesome trends\"
A conscious attempt
\"I feel vulnerable without a bra,\" she said . \".
She decided to give it a try at a family party this summer, but no one told her about it.
When she brought the matter to her mother\'s attention, Griffin\'s mother admitted that she felt \"a little drooping\" and told her that it looked great and that she should wear the clothes she wanted.
McDonald believes that as a fashion trend towards Britain is part of the \"new wave of feminism\" in which women are challenging expectations of how they should act and look
But individuals should make their own choices.
UPEI Ann braitwaite\'s Professor of diversity and social justice studies has not worn bras since she was 16 years old, and she is interested in the latest iteration of bralesstrend.
If it\'s more comfortable
Physically, mentally, or emotionallythen go for it.
But I suspect that our level of comfort is something else that we have long been restricted and presented, and in many ways it is difficult to think outside the box, she said.
\"Considering how many women are talking about . . . . . . How uncomfortable the bra is . . . . . . What comfort is there?
\"We have been a long way since 1999, the United StatesS.
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