Genie bra: The answer to relief from bad posture

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-12
Heard of the \"God of Elves\", which claims to be free from bad posture, pain after surgery and friction, and is popular abroad.
Desi shores will not be as sexy as your underwear, but don\'t like the traces you left on your skin after a whole day of work, always wondering if all the friction will magically disappear, your underwear. .
Well, be comfortable!
A new bra called the God of the Elves claims to do so --
In addition to ending the bruises, neck, shoulder and post-operative pain, the bad posture is corrected. The sports bra-
Obviously, the design of fashion clothing is to move with the movement of the figure and shape it into the correct cup size.
With this name, it\'s no wonder that bras sold millions of pieces in the United States in a week and sold out in four hours online in the UK!
A seamless garment made of nylon and spandex claims to end the struggle with the straps and feel silk digging on your skin.
Indian designer Anna Singh believes that people must go beyond hype and buy the right clothes.
\"Underwear is more important than a coat.
It makes you feel fresh and comfortable all day.
It is very important to get the right health, maintenance and comfort.
Foreign lingerie experts tell you what to buy;
\"This should be the case in India,\" she asserted . \".
Designer Nishka Lulla said, \"the name will attract buyers.
The first thing to pay attention to when buying a bra is comfort.
\"Cable TV can be a bit exciting,\" she said . \".
Designer Neeta Lulla also believes that \"tight underwear can cause discomfort, which in turn may even cause breast problems.
Television show host and funnyman Kunal Vijaykar said when talking about whether the \"God of the elves\" will have an impact here, \"Well, if the bra moves with the figure, visually
This is a good thing for all those who appreciate the beautiful figure! ”
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