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It\'s been the sixth year of the valley.
Headquartered in the heart of outdoor goods retailers is still popular
For top stores-
Quality equipment and equipment education crash class.
An outdoor gear store run by a group of adventure enthusiasts will not go wrong.
When core zone first opened in November 2005 in the bustling neighborhood of Petaling Jaya, SS2, the outdoor industry was filled with conversations about new kids in the neighborhood.
Finally, we found some salespeople who were told they could plug in the RM500 stove or backpack to enhance our outdoor adventure.
Boy, the gear is \"performing!
One of the best core products I bought was a climbing pants from the Polish brand Milo.
Lightweight, versatile, fast
The dry and tough backing fabric protects my legs from thorns and razorssharp rocks. The cottony-
Soft pants are light enough for a tropical climate, and although the temperatures in the Japanese Alps and the Himalayas are only single digits, they still make me feel comfortable.
It is true that it is a bit expensive in RM295 pop music (
I bought two pairs. .
But six years later, I was a baby, and I was still wearing Milo while hiking in Japan in last November.
Fast forward in 2012, the core area is thriving.
It recently expanded its retail space to 418sqm.
Professional gear shop is the idea of outdoor fan Leong Lu.
\"The main thing is that our role is to equip you so that you don\'t suffer when you go on an outbound expedition,\" said Liang, a former kayak and mountaineering guide.
\"Squandering on a rm million adventure tour package makes no sense to travel with the wrong gear.
You will be in pain, or you may delay your trip by halfway.
\"The company meets different needs and budgets like mountain climbing, backpacking and rock-and-roll --
Climb kayaking and trailsrunning gear.
Leong, who has an international degree in business and marketing, added: \"Our philosophy is to provide a field-tested gear, whether it\'s a manufacturer, an end user or a gear reviewer . \".
Great discovery in the core area where you can find the usual adventure
Proven brands and critics
Like North Face, MSR (
Study on mountain safety)
, La Sportiva, GoLite, Therm-a-
Rest and fitter.
Camping enthusiasts will be mouth watering for the choice of stoves, titanium cookers, tents and water bags we offer --
A stove and cooker in MSR or Trangia, Sweden. Candy-
Color kayak from New Zealand
Line Wall based on ocean kayak.
Shelves for travel accessories: Sea to Summit Travel organizers and microfibre towels, the SealLine dry bag and the Duck mouth beast hydration bladder take up half of the floor space.
The travelers and backpackers are spoiled with the option of a large number of backpacks and wheeled luggage departing from golit (
Super light backpacker favorite)
, North of Lafuma, Kelty, Mountainsmith.
All kinds of things are on display.
Functional cushion headdress from Spain (
A miniature headband.
Fiber fabric that can be worn as headscarves, masks, ballalava, headband, etc).
La sport climbing hiking shoes, Edelweiss harness, quick draw, capbina and ropes, the Petzl and Camp belay equipment cater to the needs of the rockers.
Other highlights include a gorgeous selection of wild rose jackets and tops.
Wild Rose is an Italian premium outdoor clothing brand designed by women.
Their sports bra is one of the most comfortable and healthy
The Fit bra I tried.
The Bestard hiking boots in Spain are lower than the Komperdell mountaineering staff in Austria.
High quality and valuefor-money brands.
Bad brands like Milo, Salewa and Vaude are no longer being bought by stores.
\"Unfortunately, we have to give up certain brands for various reasons,\" explains Leong.
\"Sometimes the supply chain is broken or unreliable, or their product quality is compromised when the manufacturing plant is relocated.
As our official distributor in Malaysia
Cascade design (
MSR stoves by manufacturer, Therm-a-Rest self-
Inflatable mattress, SealLine dry bag and Duck mouth beast hydrating bag)
Sharon Tan, sales director at Leong and corzone, had the opportunity to visit the company\'s Seattle-based headquarters to acquire repair skills from technicians.
\"We are trained in identifying manufacturing defects and rapid manufacturing
Repair all their equipment.
No matter what we can\'t fix, we will replace it, \"said Mr. Liang, who also learned to repair the kayak at sea kayak headquarters in New Zealand.
Liang and Tan often watch the international Outdoor Trade Show in the United States and Europe to find the latest equipment.
\"The criteria we are looking for in the brand: rating approval, consumer confidence, rewards
Adventure-award winning brand
Test, etc, \"said Liang.
Some locals commented on the huge price tag for some core area products.
But in Malaysia, the tax rate on imported outdoor goods ranges from 10% to 45%.
Even so, prices are comparable or even cheaper to those in Europe, Japan or Australia.
\"Our outdoor products market is definitely growing, but our purchasing power and income levels are still relatively low,\" Leong said . \".
\"Obviously, if we want a more competitive price, we have to increase our quantity.
\"In addition to the outdoor gear, the eagle in the core area --
Books and DVDs are a great resource for inbound and outbound adventure travel information.
Recently, they started afternoon tea on Sunday, where members and guests gathered to share travel tips and adventure stories in Nepal and Tibet.
The next tea party for this parade will involve a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro and Africa with special speaker Ahmed falkry Abdul Sama of kemoto Outdoor Center (
Ahmad Fakri is the first Malaysian to complete seven summits).
\"Over the years, customers in the core zone have also \'matured, \'\" added Leong . \".
\"When we first opened the door,
In the customer\'s knowledge of the gear, the RM3 stove you bought at the hardware store or the cheap disposable poncho is limited.
\"It\'s interesting that those who have\" matured \"or become more picky are spreading the word and educating their friends on quality gear,\" Leong said . \".
Today, almost half of the core regional customers are familiar with gear technology and the latest products on the market.
\"Some people take risks to interesting places we haven\'t even heard of, so we need to do homework to keep up with them,\" Leong said with a smile . \".
\"For example, we have customers coming to us and saying, \'I am going to Antarctica, do you have the right thing? \'?
Sometimes we have to go back to the manufacturer and ask if their product is suitable for a particular condition.
\"It\'s no surprise that this store has accumulated a loyal group of followers.
\"What makes the store stand out is their level of service-the employees know what they\'re selling, provide reasonable advice and work to meet their individual needs, and adele Cheah is a regular visitor, he said.
Cheah, a 36-year-old sports manager, has been shopping in the heart of the region since opening.
Despite the popularity of online shopping in recent years, she prefers traditional physical stores. and-mortar shops.
\"I need to try, touch and feel these products before I buy the gear,\" said Cheah, who is in charge of mountain bikes, rock bikes
Climbing and divingdiving. A self-
Chong Eng Par, who claims to be a fan of the heart zone, thinks shopping online is troublesome.
\"You need to consider shipping costs and custom checks,\" said Chong, 42 . \" He used to buy outdoor supplies in Singapore before the core zone appeared.
\"I don\'t mind paying more for high quality and long lasting gear,\" said the weekend warriors of kayaks, hiking and rock --climbs.
Zabil Ihram Zainol is a pilot of a commercial airline who makes a living around the world, but his favorite gear store is still in the heart.
Zabil, 39, said: \"Although I often fly to Taiwan and the United States, I find it more convenient to shop in the core area . \"
Climbing and hiking often.
\"It\'s very troublesome to drag bulky gears from overseas.
\"The core area also accepts special orders from customers, such
Performance equipment not needed here.
\"I asked-29°C and -18°C-
Sleeping bag of groundhog;
The core took orders, did all the work, and took the bag for me, \"added Zabil, who also completed the triathlon five times.
In the past five years, the outdoor equipment market has grown, both online and physical. and-mortar stores.
But as Chong said, \"the core areas stand out because they are strong in consumer education --
Things not done in other stores.
\"Maybe someone else can take a page out of the book in the heart zone. -
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