Follow the Revolutionary Footsteps, Pass the Red Gene, Ingor Sportswear Guangzhou Uprising Martyrs Cemetery Theme Educational Activities-Ingor

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-18
In order to solemnly commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party and review the glorious history of the party, Ingor Sportswear walked into the Guangzhou Uprising Martyrs Cemetery on May 5 to carry out themed education activities, learn the firm ideals and beliefs and tenacious revolutionary will of the revolutionary martyrs, and educate everyone to enhance the awareness of the party. , Consciously love the party, be dedicated to work and cultivate morality, and contribute to the society. Thanks to Ingor Sportswear who have been cooperating deeply——The Cemetery of the Martyrs of the Uprising in Guangzhou has carefully arranged the whole process of explanation, intimate contact, in-depth study of the revolutionary traditions of Guangzhou and the history of the heroic city, feel the heroic feats of the heroes of the Guangzhou Uprising and the strong military and civilian fish and water, understand the hard-won of new China, and cherish a happy and beautiful life. . The first thing I came to was the Guangzhou Uprising Monument. The monument was solemn and solemn. All Ingor Sportswear people lined up in front of the monument, mourned silently, presented flower baskets, and bowed three times, paying tribute to the martyrs who fought bravely and fearlessly for the victory of the revolution. . The indestructible spirit of the Guangzhou Uprising can give us a deeper understanding of what the revolutionary spirit is. Then came to the tomb of Marshal Ye Jianying. Ye Jianying was a participant and leader of the Guangzhou Uprising, and also the founder and master of the National Army Second Front Army Teaching Corps and Guard Corps who played a decisive role in the Guangzhou Uprising. During the Guangzhou Uprising, Ye Jianying played an important role and made a special contribution to the uprising. Then came to commemorate“wedding on the execution ground”It was built by the martyrs of Zhou Wenyong and Chen Tiejun.“Blood sacrifice Xuanyuan Pavilion”, On February 6, 1928, Zhou Wenyong, the leader of the youth movement and the labor movement, together with Chen Tiejun, a female communist who established love in the revolutionary struggle, was imprisoned and tortured, and held a tragic wedding at the Honghuagang execution ground. , died calmly, leaving behind a bloody romantic story that is widely praised.“The head can be broken, the limbs can be broken, and the revolutionary spirit cannot be destroyed. The head of a strong man is a party fall, and the body of a hero is a group split.”Before his sacrifice, Zhou Wenyong wrote this immortal poem on the prison wall. In 1980, the film 'Wedding on the Execution Ground' produced by the Changchun Film Studio based on the two of them, spread all over the country. Chen Tiejun in the movie shouted:“Let this execution ground be our wedding hall, and let the gunfire of the reactionaries be our wedding salute!”The gunshots have fallen, and the blood is hard to cool. Finally, we came to the Guangdong Revolutionary History Museum located in the Martyrs Cemetery, which has a rich collection of various types. There are more than 65,000 cultural relics and more than 25,000 historical photos in the museum. The introductions of many revolutionary martyrs, precious photos, and vivid scenes truly reproduce the modern revolutionary history of the People's Republic of China, and let us know many martyrs who fought for the light. This is a red museum reflecting the revolutionary history, and a cultural museum that reflects the historical, cultural and social development of modern Guangzhou and is highly compatible with the advanced socialist culture. It made every Ingor Sportswear person who visited was full of emotion, and at the same time deeply felt the hard-won happy life in peacetime. Learn the history of the party for a hundred years and pay tribute to revolutionary martyrs. Ingor Sportswear carried out the study and education activity of visiting the Guangzhou Uprising Martyrs Cemetery, inheriting the red gene, deepening the understanding of the party's century-old history, learning the struggle spirit in the party's history, expressing the memory of the revolutionary martyrs, not forgetting the original intention and mission, Continue to forge ahead.
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