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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-29
Activity Introduction: During the Eastern Zhou Dynasty and the Warring States Period, Qu Yuan, a doctor in Chu State, committed suicide by throwing himself into the river with hatred. The people of Chu State were reluctant to let the worthy minister Qu Yuan die (dedicated to the Miluo River in Yueyang), so many people rowed boats to chase and rescue him. They scrambled for each other and disappeared when they reached Dongting Lake in Yueyang. This is the origin of the dragon boat race. After that, they rowed dragon boats on May 5th every year to commemorate it. He used a dragon boat to disperse the fish in the river, so that the fish would not eat Qu Yuan's body. Folk dragon boat racing(20 photos) Dragon boat racing is an important activity on the Dragon Boat Festival, which is very popular and valued in southern China (there are few rivers in the north). It is possible that the origin began at the end of primitive society. Dragon boat racing is a traditional Chinese folk water sports and entertainment event that has been around for more than 2,000 years. According to historical records, the dragon boat race was raised in memory of the patriotic poet Qu Yuan. It can be seen that dragon boat racing is not only a sports and entertainment activity, but also reflects the spirit of patriotism and collectivism in people's hearts. Dragon boats vary in size from place to place. Ingor 18 years of professional group clothing customization series include: dragon boat racing sportswear, couples leisure suits, badminton clothing customization, sports T-shirts, tops, trousers, shorts, jackets, leisure sports series, outdoor sports series, golf series, basketball feathers Net series, business series, volleyball series, table tennis series, sports shoes group purchase series, bag/cap/socks series, trousers series, etc. 18 years of professional group clothing customization. Ingor can provide clothing samples and proofing boards at any time. Friends who want to know more can provide the address and send new albums for free! We sincerely welcome calls and letters, no matter how far or near, to discuss cooperation. This fabric has the touch of cotton products, but also has a refreshing feeling. It contains moisture-absorbing and sweat-wicking fibers. There are many shock holes on the surface. Using the capillary effect, the fibers quickly absorb the moisture and sweat on the surface of the skin and transmit it to the outer layer for diffusion. It has good comfort, and can avoid the cold and wet feeling caused by the clothing sticking to the skin when you are sweating profusely! Let's see which customers are still using it!·Southern Poly Group·Yuexiu Group·Guangzhou Shipping Co., Ltd.·Guangzhou Transportation Co., Ltd.·Southern Petroleum Co., Ltd. 24-hour customer service hotline: If you are interested in the above group sportswear manufacturer wholesale or have any questions, please click the online customer service on the right side of the contact us page, or call: 4008-098-078, Ingor sportswear——Your whole-hearted procurement consultant. ------ Responsible editor: Ingor 's sportswear customization consultant This order made me realize that the biggest enemy of sales is not the opponent, not the high price, not rejecting your customers, not the company system, not the product is not good, The biggest enemy is your complaints, your excuses!
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