Do you know what kind of shoes go with a white tracksuit?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-29
What shoes to wear with sportswear manufacturer? Many people will think of course sneakers! In fact, there are other matching methods, which are still very natural and beautiful, and there is a different style that is different from sports shoes. Next, let's take a white sportswear as an example, and explain the matching method of sportswear manufacturer. White sportswear with shoes of the same color The so-called shoes of the same color are colors similar to white. Commonly there are beige, ivory, yellowish white and other colors that are similar to white but not pure white. These shoes are matched with a white sportswear manufacturer suit It not only avoids the embarrassment of using the same color to cause a white body, but also gives people a feeling of overall consistency. The style of shoes should be based on sneakers and running shoes, not leather shoes or basketball shoes. White sportswear suits with other colors of shoes The choice of other colors is a bit narrow. It can be matched with solid colors or with some simple stitching shoes, but the color should be lighter, which can be light blue with white or It is light green stitched with white, or a small amount of red with pure white, but try to avoid dark colors. White sportswear suits should not be matched with red shoes, because the whole body is white, and suddenly a pair of red shoes will give you A very weird feeling. The above styles also need to choose board shoes or sports shoes for group purchase. In addition, a white sportswear set with Converse shoes is also a good choice, but the style must be a classic one, the kind that Mi Shuai wears, with black shoe body and white shoelaces. Very young, very college style. But white sportswear should not be paired with red Converse shoes, because there are two important classic Converse styles, one is the one that Miller wears, and the other is the kind of red that many girls like to wear. What to wear with this red Which brand of sportswear is the best? We'll get to that later, but it won't fit a white tracksuit set with these shoes.
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