discontent with exercise apparel leads d.c. area women to develop their own

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-16
Danielle Dobbin likes to take part in a variety of activities at Equinox Fitness Club in Bethesda, from Pilates to cycling to swimming.
But there\'s one thing you never see 38-year-
Pull up her pants.
Tired of exposing her navel while practicing a yoga bedside table, tired of slapping pants off the back end while crouching, the former lawyer and real estate developer began looking for her ideal fitness outfit.
She wants better coverage, the fabric that moves with her, rather than sliding and supporting at the waist for a smoother look.
However, what she is looking for is not available in the store.
Dobbin of Bethesda said: \"sportswear is getting bigger and bigger, but no one does anything for women over the age of 30 . \" He now wants to fill this with Apifeni.
Audio and video \"iPhone any \")
Her costume collection held a celebration in Georgetown this month.
Her specialty is that she combines sports fashion with body clothing (
Generic names of those beloved Spanx).
So the $98 worth of Diana pants looks like they have a typical belt, but what extends out of the belt is a very well-fitted sheath tucked away at the bottom of your sports bra.
Cover it with a $45 sports tank and hug your hips and no one will know the secret of your being sucked --in stomach.
\"You will feel yourself.
Self-confidence, not self-confidence
Consciously, \"When I met her in the spring equinox, Dobbin promised me to test some Apifeni in the aerobic engraving class.
Putting on your pants is a little trickier than normal, but it took only a few seconds to get yourself adjusted properly.
Although the fabric was squeezed in my middle part, it was not comfortable --
It feels more like a constant reminder to get my core involved.
I have to admit that I like the scenery in the mirror.
Dobbin says wearing her clothes in town alone has brought some sales to women asking for clues about her.
Just as she explained this to me in the locker room, 35-year-
Old Julie Rienzo came over to praise her coat.
\"It was a very beautiful color,\" she muttered, as Dobbin took out a turquoise-folded tank from her bag and asked how to get one.
\"Now all the sportswearthe-
Time to wear because it\'s easy to chase kids inside, but you want something that looks cute, \"said Rienzo, the mother of the three children, who has never seen Dobbin before.
Dobbin, together with her own two little boys, learned this feeling.
She grabbed her flowing cardigan and showed Rienzo how it was covered at the bottom of the curtain so that she could quickly cover when she needed to pick up the kids from the gym to kindergarten.
For Dobbin, having this conversation is the final feedback, and she says they demonstrate the time and money she has spent learning business over the last three years --
Finally, with her Apifeni.
Worth investing.
It\'s time to be sure.
At the Georgetown conference
Apifeni fashion, hosted by former White House press secretary and old friend Dana Perino, was a big swing at a model club.
Young Women in Clothes obviously don\'t have any bumps that can be hidden, but they show this to the cocktail party --Sipping guests (
Including a few D. C.
Real Housewives and local TV news figures)
How safe the body shaping waist technology is to make them feel the comfortable stretch of the fabric.
Maybe it won\'t be long before they can get another costume inspired by the anger of the movement, which is Alisa Yudakov Grana\'s costume. The 28-year-
The 32 D bra size of the old lawyer brings some very big problems every time he runs.
\"I\'m very flat-
Until college.
Then, all of a sudden, I had huge breasts.
\"I don\'t know what to do with them,\" she said . \".
No sports bra works, not even a few pieces layered.
Eight years ago, as a student at George Washington University, Grana studied what was on the market and proposed his own design for the \"elastic support system.
\"The plan requires an underwear that can separate and lift the breast (
Instead of squashing them)
And there is another elastic band at the top to eliminate the upward movement.
She ripped three sports bras out of her underwear drawer and reshaped them into her design with a sewing machine --which worked.
During her time at law school, she applied for a patent for the system and initially planned to sell it to a sportswear company.
But Grana decided to make it himself.
She works at a private label lingerie factory a mile from home in Baltimore and she adjusts the pattern and picks the fabric (
She chose \"a beautiful woman from Italy \")
Received the final prototype.
The next step is to have her 10 friends with different chest sizes provide final feedback.
Then it\'s time to build the site, and by September, Glasner expects Zabra to be on sale.
While it seems crazy to start a business based on a workout complaint, Grana and Dobbin are a good company.
One of grasner\'s neighbors in Baltimore is the headquarters of Under Armour.
In just 15 years, it has become a giant in the world of sportswear, and it exists only because the founder and chief executive Kevin Plank is using cotton T-shirts.
If enough other women are angry about pulling up their pants or being bothered by a bounced bra, these local entrepreneurs can all succeed.
As a result, we may do better.
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