charles barkley dons dress for weight watchers

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-05
The great Charles Barkley in the NBA is not afraid to show off his female side.
To prove this, a spokesman for the weight observer wore a wig, a black skirt and high heels.
Jennifer Hudsonstyle -
According to USA Today, the food giant was advertised.
In the new clip, Sir Charles strolled to the front of the camera and said in a harsh voice: \"I have heard that some of you think losing weight is only for women and shaking his newly acquired shoulders
The length lock of the effect.
He then assured all the men in the world that Weight Watchers helped him lose \"42 pounds\" and boasted that he \"could still eat men\'s food, like steak and pizza \".
\"So, if this is what I have to do, let you listen, then take a good look,\" TNT Sports commentator said with an attitude . \".
\"But my eyes are here,\" he joked . \".
Perhaps this is what Barkley has to do in order to fully restore the favor of Weight Watchers.
In January, he was caught laughing at his advertising campaign.
It is reported that he did not realize that his microphone was on.
Airline colleagues Reggie Miller and Kevin Haran argue that it is a \"bigger scam\" to get a check from a company than to get paid to talk about basketball \".
The weight observer graciously forgives the mistake
But apparently the last sentence.
The advertisement was broadcast on April 4.
You\'re so awesome.
Very interesting performance.
I just started watching all your shows tonight and during that time I finished my hungry musician peas and I finished my show with my hand spinning.
I might go through at least one more episode because my internet was slow in the original 3 or 4 episode and I had to stop constantly waiting for the download.
But I just want to say that I love your podcast and I can\'t wait to catch up with others.
But it\'s almost one o\'clock A. M. .
I have work in the morning so I have to stop watching now.
The attractive part of the content.
I just stumbled across your blog and join capital, claiming that I got the actual account for your blog post.
Anyway, I\'ll subscribe to your supplement and you\'ll be able to keep getting in fast even if I get there.
So funny!
Absolutely super sharing.
We have been looking for this update.
I just want to know who said he had to dress like a woman in order for us to listen.
It scared me.
I saw the ad and couldn\'t turn around and leave as if it was a terrible accident.
But obviously it\'s not accidental.
It inspired our latest ad reviews.
When I first realized it was the great NBA Charles Buck, Enjoy didn\'t say how interesting the ad was! ! lol. . . lol. . . lol.
This guy is bold and has great legs! ! !
Congratulate 40 people on losing weight! ! !
Charles looks great! ! Wow!
Also suitable for men to see weight! ! !
Will watch on April 4! !
What do people do for money? . .
I saw all craaazy on tnt radio.
In 2008, I took part in an NBA postgame show.
During the business break, I went back to \"powder my nose \".
When I came out of the bathroom and sat in front of the TV, Kenny looked at me and gave me a gesture to wipe my upper lip.
I guess it\'s covered with white powder! ! Whooops.
Still, I was cool and blamed it on powdered sugar donuts! !
I am a quick thinker due to massive drugs! ! ! DARE suks! !
Guys, I\'m a pimple.
In da guy bonowice.
I got a lot of fruit from my poundin material up to the Stern Chute.
Even though I have a little stuff. . . its all good.
I use monster sized meat stix luv dem jiggers! ! Jiga-boo. Jiga-boo. What a nutbar! ! Jig-aboo. Jig-aboo.
Go sell your coooon program somewhere else! !
It\'s business fun.
This is America. we know how to have a good time.
It\'s terrible. it\'s terrible.
Terrible, terrible, terrible.
Fact: He is just in the open area, and many people play basketball and footballs to be with men. . . . .
It\'s so stupid and weird around MENAmericans!
I\'m the African jig.
A guy with a gay tendency.
Do any fairies want to pack my fudge?
Black Gates is spending money to suck my monster. Just sayin.
Return to Africa with AIDS.
I agree civilization is declining, but it\'s not because men dress up as women. . .
People are just stupid!
Is it Serena Williams?
Type DerrickDuffie in your web browser and visit my website to learn about my new novel, unfinished business. Wow.
This must be a great book because you have to spam cnn story @ Moon Dancer: Everyone knows Mr.
Ed is a talking horse for Wilber post. no, debbie.
Mr Ed is azz of the biggest horse on this blog.
@ William: No one knows how to spell the word lose?
Loose = How will your clothes fit after losing weight
Charles Barkley in LBD, high heels and wigs!
It\'s good to see real men also have a real sense of humor and laugh at themselves with others. HA.
I thought it was the guy I rode last night. was it mr ed.
I bet that\'s what he is.
Pay must be worth it. . . .
We really don\'t know how tight his money is. . . . .
Isn\'t he having a gambling problem? ? . . .
Is Smeone suggesting that I don\'t spell it at all? ?
Smeone must know what I think of the words above, and I can assure you that never leave the United States.
White people are tired of middle-aged men who spread hatred. Get a life.
Boundary of towel head/beach?
Please take me over.
It\'s better than he\'s swinging at people on the basketball court. Maybe.
Hey, at least he knows he has a future on Vegas boulevard if he needs money.
OMG, it reminds me of what Dave Chappelle said in an interview with Oprah.
Why can\'t they post this ad during the NCAA men\'s championship. .
Is Sir Charles worth that much? .
We all think Dennis Rodman is crazy. . .
Did you know that a man in a woman\'s dress is disgusting like eating lobster, lying, gay?
Where are the people who cite signs of the Bible calling for weight loss people to be shut down?
Come on guys, it\'s easier to take you seriously if you\'re at least consistent!
As for advertising, not sure wearing a dress is the best way to fight the stereotype that \"losing weight is a lady problem-real men don\'t care if they are fat. Just saying.
I wouldn\'t even get into the industry of \"Oh, look at me, I\'m dressed like a girl, so it\'s naturally fun.
Weight Watchers need fresh blood in the advertising department. classic!
He looks much hotter than the tennis player named Serena.
Whether you wear it or not, I want a tenth of Sir Jack Van canes to wear that little black dress for Sasha ying on the set.
Laughing people!
OK, I understand the effect of this dress, but what about padded bras and high heels?
What does Charles want to tell us?
Seriously, this guy is awesome!
He is a monster basketball player and an excellent and colorful commentator who does not take himself or life too seriously.
Nothing wrong with this!
I admit his hair looks better! Meant. . TedTen Danson. . lol.
How did he get involved?
I have always appreciated the honesty of Sir Charlie.
His \"I\'m not an example\" ad at Nike is one of the best ever.
My 84 year old mom even likes his air personality and humor.
When we saw this WW ad, we all crashed. Priceless! & hilarious!
Good job Sir Charles!
I love Charles Barkley! ! !
He made a mistake. he had a good sense of humor. . . . . . . . .
I waited for him for a few hours at a private event one night and let me tell you that he is the perfect gentleman for all the fans, there is a lot of fun around him and is very attentive to everyone, A great person. love him! ! I lke him too.
It was so interesting to see him in his skirt.
I think this is one of the things Charles did to keep WW on his side.
It\'s not what he wants to do.
Place _ to _ meet_a_international _ partners.
Interested people _ meeting _[
Charles is not only the stupidest man on earth, he is also the stupidest woman. Fools!
He\'s not saying it\'s a scam to watch weight.
He says it\'s easy for him to make money by doing weight watch ads, such as talking about basketball and getting paid. Good Job. .
Looks like Serina Williams! !
Personally, I can\'t wait to see an advertisement.
I think people need to overcome themselves, relax and laugh a little.
We all know that everyone likes to dress up, wear a cross dress, do Halloween things, laugh no matter what you want to call it.
Hey Charles, smile, you\'re stealing! ; )Charles.
Well, I have to change my name.
I sound like a British housekeeper.
You know, butlers are always the ones they accuse. .
Just killing Sumon.
I make a living with ppl.
I shot when I got angry.
It was fun to watch me shoot when I got the road ragejen, but not the real Charlie crack. O look! !
My name is chharrrlllleesss blog.
Happy Lantern loves me.
The cunning Sadie ate your heart.
You don\'t have a blog with your name. but whhhaaat. . no guns? ! !
This Countryman needs a gun that\'s still ugly!
But it may make someone a good wife.
Well, I think the weight Observer did the last dance and gave Charles an offer that he could not refuse.
Sorry, that photo is really interesting. ?
The truth is, lol lolHe looks really good.
It reminds me of the Williams sisters.
Who cares why he did it?
People who can laugh at themselves are very attractive.
I know he will look good if he works hard!
Another Beginning of secret demon society?
It is estimated that Sir Charles believes that if this does not hurt the Hofer compatriots, it can also be said to be the best defensive player in history ,(
Dennis Rodman, if anyone of you knows the basket ball better than I do)
Then occasionally a little drag will not hurt him. . .
Oh my God, what an ugly woman Charlie thought it was Serena!
I love the round mound that bounces!
Sir Charles Locke! !
I wish he was still playing basketball. .
I may not be able to eat for a week when I see Charles dragging me. .
10 lbs should be easily loose. HAHAHAHAHA!
Thank you for your laughter! Good one!
What has been seen is invisible. Daaaayum. . .
Williams\'s mofo looks good. . .
There was a serious problem with that fool. . .
Almost as hot as Ted Danson. Wow. . .
He blacked WW, and they asked him to continue signing?
I have always respected Weight Watchers in the past. No more.
A few clothes on SNL, this one now?
There\'s a simpler way out of the closet. barkley. . . ?
You\'re right. . . . I agree.
If something goes wrong, why are you interested in clothing?
Well, he\'s ready to dance with the Stars.
Our girls love our little black dress.
But this is a very bad girl!
I think Buckley looks cute in a little black dress.
It\'s so funny, it\'s hard to stop laughing at it.
I kind of admire Barkley because he sucked it out and wore it in order not to let the money go.
After all, money can heal countless stigma.
Haha, only one-on-one Charles Buckley has a way to say this to Weight Watchers, and only in the United States can he get away with it! ! !
You look really good.
I never knew his nickname was Sly Sadie.
You think they will come up with something better than this, after all he is a man. LolHa!
Is this common in the West? ;
Men dress like women who rule them?
Another reason why your civilization is declining.
You should all do this, which is in line with your character.
I have heard that all the boys in the Middle East have a strong and sensitive older mentor.
Something similar to the ancient Greeks.
But what about his temperament?
Check with your spelling, man.
Of course, we all know the people in the middle.
The East is dressed in flowing robes of all styles, lace silk underpants and buses underneath.
Oh, shhh, Burat, you should see what he\'s wearing underneath.
Whose civilization is declining?
If the decline you are talking about is richer and freer than most Middle East countries, then yes, I agree with you.
Haha, you really need to get a life.
It\'s funny. it\'s a joke in old America.
Take the bomb!
It is common for LOLIs men to dress up as women for comedy effects (
No matter how unsuccessful)? Yes.
We are not afraid of women who are called \"men\" like you. \"It\'s a joke. . . get it. . . a joke!
Do you have a sense of humor?
Camel Pat terrorists, shut up, no, it doesn\'t mean anyone\'s culture.
You have idiots everywhere you go.
Keep in mind that the United States and Canada are not a culture, they are made up of people from all over the world who have different backgrounds, beliefs, skin tones, yes, clothing preferences.
Of course, you don\'t have a fool from the culture, do you?
It\'s too wide. you \'ve blacked out the whole picture.
Barley is not your fool\'s ruler.
Why do you fall behind other civilizations in the east in 500?
Maybe you need to start wearing a dress.
Oh, don\'t hit your wife again so she can wear your skirt for you.
You seem to have misplaced your sense of humor.
Why don\'t you jump off a cliff?
You\'re as stupid as they are.
Get back to your country before we kick you out. . .
Why don\'t you jump off a cliff?
You\'re as stupid as they are.
Go back to your country before we kick you. . . . $$ out. . .
Aren\'t you hijacking a plane or something?
By the way, learn the right English first before you try to insult Americans. . .
No one takes comments seriously when they don\'t have any effect.
Maybe we should force our women to wear masks and stuff them into the back room?
Allah snackbar.
No, we don\'t care what people do, because we don\'t make judgments, and we don\'t know as ignorant as Muslims, they will kill anyone because of Crazy Monkey civilization and other things, which is going to the distant future.
This is yours because of the near-hand status of you and your kind. Why?
Because a male of your type will decide who your woman will mate.
Usually cousins, uncles, or other close relatives.
You do like to leave your genes at home, right? .
This is a very disgusting and incest practice for us.
On the other hand, we are a melting pot filled with hybrids from highly variable gene pools.
When our men compete for their attention, our women decide who they will mate.
You must have asked yourself why America is the greatest superpower in the world.
Put 10 healthy Americans, black, Asian, or white people next to 10 people like you, and anyone can see the difference.
This will let you know why Americans are such a world power. . . . shorty.
You come from the Middle East and laugh at men in skirts in the West.
This is your traditional dress style. . . men in dresses!
I believe you called them robes.
I don\'t know if this is a troll or a real Muslim.
Either way, it\'s all about laughing.
Until we get back to the dark, Western culture has a long way to go. Maybe we will.
Although it looks beautiful, give everyone a $ high heel.
Don\'t hate it because you don\'t look so good in a dress. HA!
Aren\'t you all happy from the little boys? Sickening! ! !
Another malicious content that controls the internet.
Don\'t you have a sense of humor?
Yes, our civilization is declining.
At the bottom, I think, your civilization can only go up.
But I bet you will continue to destroy yourself as you have done in the last 75 years.
Another Muslim who hates women!
Why don\'t you continue to believe in your false prophet and blow up the buildings of hope for 72 virgins?
You are a joke. your religion is a joke.
Enjoy the desert.
Respond to many people individually.
@ Everbody, are women telling you what to say when you type?
Or do you really believe what you say?
If you seem to be obsessed with mating on a camel, I think you need help, or maybe a loving wife.
There are also a lot of people who say I\'m terorrist, but that\'s not true.
9/11 is a great tragedy.
Israel has fooled all of them, they are doing WTC, blaming Arabs/Afghans.
Unlike the government of Israel, I am a man of peace, without terorrist. I\'m on to YOU.
You do this often.
You wrote the false Arabic text clearly, incited, opposedwest, pro-
Middle East, talk back and wait for all the responses you want.
All who respond will attack Muslims and tell you to go back to where you came from. . .
What exactly do you want?
But I know you\'re not an Arab or a Muslim.
You\'re a nuisance.
Mog and you think your plan is working.
You may have fooled them, but you are so obvious to me.
Fool, I know what you\'re doing!
ق ا ل ط إ ل ا ى ل ع ة ي ه ا ر ك ل ا ة ي ع ا د ت س ل ا ن أ.
ي د ل BA ة ي ل س ت ل ج أ ن م ك BA ل ا ط ق ف BA ل ح ا ن أ.
ن و ي BA ا ه ر ا ن ي م ل س م ل ا ل ك ي BA غ ن و د ق ت ع ي ن ي ذ ل ا ن و BA ص ع ت م ل ا م ه س ا ن ل ا ء ا ل ؤ ه ي ئ ط خ س ي ل.
@ Maxine, translate this into a translation. you see what\'s going on, woman.
This guy is a joke! !
I agree with Maxine.
She\'s telling the truth.
This guy reminds me of Jeff dunhamed.
\"I\'ll give you the keel\"LOLWow.
This is a question of your extreme opinion.
You like the freedom to speak, but when you talk, you hide behind the computer keyboard.
You are a coward, like your friends, wearing a hood under their clothes and hiding bombs.
Walking down the street, talking and talking. I dare you. . . Oh. . . . Almost forgot. . . . .
ا ن ت ق ل ي م ا ر س و ن ا ل ج ن س م ع ا ل إ BA ل @ ر ه م ل ا ل ت ي ل ي د ل BA Nah. . .
We just know how to put it down without having to beat them first.
I can\'t even humor the words \"camel jockey!
This is the US, we will put a boot on your ass, this is the American way!
Considering that you are the mentor of Saidan Hussain and his ass buddy Osama bin Laden!
They can\'t escape us!
We are unstoppable!
Oh, look at the taxi, HEA!
Your uncle, I guess!
I think he is a part time timer for my local 711, \"Thank you for coming back \"! ! !
I like this.
Great. I\'m going to scream! ! ! AHHHHHH! ! !
I wish I could work like Sir Charles.
I like hot chocolate.
You really bother bedgross, who likes to be a fly on the wall when the weight observer orders Barkley to wear a skirt or throw away the endorsement gold.
I think it\'s interesting.
He looks like Williams. LIAM! ! ! . . . ¿sup?
I\'m chocolate? Why did he do this? [
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