can sexy sports bras help victoria’s secret fend off new rivals?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-01
During the parade, Victoria\'s Secret aired the annual swimming special for an hour.
Long bikini starring a dozen super models.
Shot in the sun.
The Holy Paradise is wet.
The Angel of Barth, Lily Aldridge, Candice swanepell, and behatti princelo show the latest look of the label, Nick Jonas
Beach volleyball for salt SportsN-Pepa\'s Push It.
Classical sex.
Inject advertising from sexinfused brand. And it failed.
Two months later, L Brands, the parent company, said it would close its swimwear business.
While the company is exploring the conquest of new territories, its bra and underwear home turf has been attacked by some new competitors.
Shares have fallen nearly 30% since last October, and sales growth has slowed.
Under the pressure of leisure rise
Fitness gear you can wear at the gym and on the street
Victoria\'s secretary changed his focus.
The company came up with two.
Double penetration.
With the typical Victoria Secret fashion, it is pushing the product line that has been promoted as attractive.
The first is bralettes, a airy, more comfortable style, which is no less attractive than the traditional cable.
Spent so much time telling women the cleavage
Victoria\'s Secret says that making bras will make them more attractive, and women don\'t need pads after all.
The question is: Can Victoria\'s Secret convince people that it\'s new sexy?
Even more shocking, the company has decided to step up its previous clumsy pursuit of sports bra consumers.
\"It is absolutely necessary for them not to put their heads into the sand,\" said Simeon Siegel, an analyst at Nomura Securities . \".
Victoria\'s Secret must embrace consumers. and the market—are changing.
\"This is one of their biggest strengths,\" he said . \"
Victoria\'s Secret has stepped up sales of sportswear and bras in recent months. In e-
The company assured customers that \"it\'s sexy to have no padding.
\"In the promotional video of Victoria Sports, various models-also models showing off label underwear-explain how hard they work when skipping rope, punching cylinders, taking pictures in front of an outfitting, at the same time, it reveals the rippling abs and sparkling sweat.
One of them said in the voiceover: \"It is not acceptable for me to appear without forming . \".
At one point, three models dressed in exposed fitness gear stretch each other in slow motion.
Victoria\'s Secret cost $7.
6 billion does business by having the gold standard that is considered sexy women\'s underwear.
Since selling underwear in 1977, the brand has tempted shoppers by catering to their fantasies.
The catalogue was mailed to millions of families and their web pages were packed with businesswomen.
The annual TV fashion show shows off the railway
Label the thin ton body of the most famous model.
Padded bras are Victoria\'s Secret gamblers.
The promise is simple: wear this bra and become a blockbuster.
As the definition of sexy changes, Victoria\'s Secrets change.
Its model is thinner and shows more skin.
Then they become more athletic.
Now, consumers need to evaluate different body sizes, which is the development after years of counterattack on unhealthy examples set by residents of the skeletal runway.
But whatever Victoria\'s Secret sells, and whatever the reason for doing so, it boils down to being sexy.
That\'s why it registered dozens of brands, including the word \"sexy\", to label products from underwear to perfume.
\"That sexy image is them,\" said Bridget wisha, an analyst at Morningstar . \".
\"But it\'s a lifestyle brand.
It has nothing to do with a specific product line.
\"Victoria\'s Secret finds itself losing its edge in the face of a new online business model.
The subscription business site Adore Me has introduced a new lingerie design and has customers come back with a VIP membership program. True & Co.
Use the quiz to help shoppers pick the bra type and then send the product to their door to try it out, effectively bypassing the fitting room.
Negative Underwear fantasy yourself
Victoria\'s Secret, to be simpler and more comfortable, avoid the sneak peek of underwear marketingfirst message.
Siegel of Nomura says Victoria\'s secrets must be changed in order to adapt.
But as Weishaar points out, each product is considered a sexual product in order to take advantage of its brand.
Sports bras in particular bring a special puzzle to Victoria\'s Secret.
In essence, they are not open sex.
They are Performance products made for specific tasks.
Women want them to create a feeling of static, dry and cool.
It\'s hard to make moisture.
The sweaty fabric you wear when you sweat the sweaty back and tired looks tempting.
Not long ago, Victoria\'s Secret first tried to sell sports bras, trying to exert power on big brands such as Nike and Lumont.
Early efforts were disappointing.
In 2014, when the company overestimated the popularity of new goods, excess stocks were languishing in stores and warehouses.
Victoria\'s Secret executives are still working on sports today.
Now, they say they are getting \"good sales growth\" from it \".
Stuart Burgdoerfer, L Brands chief financial officer, said in a conference call with analysts in June: \"Our business has different fashion trends from time to time . \".
\"Hopefully in most cases we lead these trends in areas like sports bras or bras, or of course make the most of them.
We think we are very involved.
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