british retailers accused of conspiring to price-fix bras

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-27
Customers who buy sports bras in the UK\'s three major department stores may have been pushed --
This is an unexpected situation, according to a government agency.
Fair trade office of the United States. K.
Regulators say they are investigating allegations that the three companies colluded with bra maker DB Apparel to raise the benchmark price for underwear.
If so, according to the OFT agency, the houses of the John Lewis, Debenham and Fraser chains would be in violation of the competition law.
Problem brand: shock absorber, whose ultimate running bra is priced at $53 on the Web retailer Less Bounce.
OFT said that during the period from 2008 to 2011, when alleged collusion occurred, the shock absorber controlled a 15% stake in the United States. K.
Sports bra market
\"We have rejected any allegation from OFT that we have reached any agreement or understanding with the retailer about the retail price of our products,\" DB said in a statement . \".
The company said it has been \"transparent to the British authorities since the beginning of the process and will continue to defend itself in this investigation.
\"We believe that we have been operating within all laws and regulations and are very supportive of any initiative to ensure that pricing policies are fair to our customers,\" the company said . \".
John Lewis made a similar statement saying \"it is working fully with OFT and will respond in due course.
Debenhams said in a statement that it \"objected to these interim findings from OFT, but could not comment further at this stage . \".
The company says its outside lawyers are working on the case.
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