Brand Service



Brand Service

Got lots activewear brand trust for many years.

Ingor is assigned to be the manufacturer of numerous international brands.

50 countries↑

50 countries↑

Cuatom made

Cuatom made

Following Bad Conditions You May Meet


Poor Quality: The clothing extremely easy to be broken when workout.
Bad fabric: Rough touch, easy pilling or poor elastic performance of fabric.
Not on-time reply: Nobody report your order procedure and always ca
n't find the sales.
Very long time of the delivery: Always delay the delivery time,especially for the goods out of stock.

What Ingor providing

Solving your problems are Ingor's responsibility.

Attribute to custom

The advantages of custom are as follow.

  • Tracking local market
    Tracking local market
  • Unique design
    Unique design
  • Price control
    Price control
  • manufacture flexibility
    manufacture flexibility



Special design by tracking your idea.

Let's make your idea come ture!

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