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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-16
Clothes make people men.
But wearing the wrong underwear will kill your designer. end clothes.
In fact, many women don\'t wear the right bra at the moment.
The bra should neither be loose, make the breast drooping, nor should it be tight enough to hold your rib cage with a fatal grip. An ill-
Not only does the fitted bra look inferior, but it will make you look completely uncomfortable. Now-a-
Nowadays, most underwear shops have experts to help you with the right size bra.
But if you\'re a shy type, you \'d rather measure yourself than ask someone else to do it for you, here\'s a step --by-
Step Guide for measuring yourself: Step 1-
Measure the strap size: simply put, the strap size means which size bra you should buy.
Comfortable and straight back and shoulders, stand upright.
You should not stretch out your chest or hold your breath.
Put the tape measure flat on the rib right below your chest, where you tie the bra strap.
Make sure the tape is parallel to the ground and not tilted.
You have to stand in front of the mirror when you measure yourself, or you can ask someone (
It could be your mother or your sister)to measure you.
If the measurement is even, add 4 to the number, and if the measurement is odd, add 5 to the number.
For example: If 28 \"is displayed on the tape measure add 4, this means that your bra size is 32.
But if the tape measure shows 29 add 5, this makes your bra size 34. Step 2-
Size of measuring cup: straight ramrod (
Okay, we\'re kidding. . .
Just stand straight).
Flat the size in the most complete part of the breast.
On your nipples.
Make sure the tape is parallel to the ground and not tilted.
Subtract your belt measurement from the cup measurement.
Example: Step 1-
Your band size is shown as 28 \"when measuring, so you added 4 of them, which makes it 32. Step 2-
The measurement of your cup size shows 34 \". Step 3-34\" -
Your size is 34 BDifference cup size-1 inch AA1-2 inches A2-3 inches B3-4 inches C4-5 inches D5-
6 inch E or DD6-
7 inch F or DDD or EE7-
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