bounce factor: the ultimate sports bra

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-12-17
Women around the world will celebrate on October.
For some, the latest excessive Newsshoulder-boulder-
Holder won\'t be a big deal, but for those of you who know what it\'s like to run and constantly be afraid of rebounding --
Come back, there will be silent thanks to Londonwide.
This is because-
After several months of research
Claire Fallon, chief designer of Panache underwear, came up with the ultimate new sports bra, which she claims will eventually eliminate bouncing.
It is known as the Panache sports bra, which went on sale in October (£35, panache-lingerie. com)
Hopefully, by wearing it, women don\'t have to endure hours of painful exercise or worry about awkward shaking.
But will gorgeous really work? What makes it a fuss?
After a strong test by Selaine Saxby, founder of the Loughborough school of sports technology, testers and sports bra experts, and lesbounce.
Com said: \"We put it in. We\'ve tried it.
My staff have pre-ordered [them].
Very comfortable, very good-
Its design is done according to tin, which is good because many women have been waiting for this product to go public.
\"Saxby absolutely understands the value of a good sports bra and adds that the effect of illness
It may be irreversible to install one.
\"The main supporting structure of the breast, the ligaments of Cooper, can be stretched and won\'t recover, so you really need to invest in one.
\"When women wear new sports bras, they really notice the difference,\" she said . \".
According to Saxby, the three things to look for are rebound reduction, comfort and appearance, which you should be able to get by spending around £ 30.
Of course, what you buy depends on your shape, how much exercise you do and how many times you wash.
\"Wearing a sports bra is different from wearing a regular bra.
In motion, you need to be able to breathe deeper, so make sure you have a finger behind the strap.
For example, if you measure 30, you need a shock absorber bra with 34.
My suggestion is if you want a bra that fits everything, buy a very good one and once it wears out after 30 washes you can use it for low
Shock sports like yoga.
But while we have a lot of expectations for Panache\'s new breast protector, not everyone can come up with £ 35.
At the moment, the most popular is the shock absorber, which took two years and was conducted by Olympic gold medalist Sally gonnell for the study, prototype, trial and road testing of biochemistry.
Since then, Anna kurnikova and the Crown army Dragon
Both brands, Jade Johnson, represent the brand.
Julia Nolan of the shock absorber says the team has been working on pioneering research and design investments for 15 years and now best sellers include RUN (for runners), the MAX (
Top of crop with encapsulated bra structure)and the PUMP (with padding).
Other famous competitors include the Berlei running bra of Triumph\'s Tri, which is suitable for ridersAction for all-
A young girl or woman in a softball, or Sportjock action bra at lowimpact sport.
\"Of course, there are statistics on how many women need a good bra, but honestly the average look of London park should tell you.
A Stern Selby said: \"The four breasts are not good-looking, and the cleavage is not good-looking . \".
Now, no one wants to be a victim of the chest of four, right?
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