alize cornet sparks criticism of sexist treatment at the us open

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-23
US Open: Novak Deyo entered the second round of the US Open, but struggled under the brutal conditions of Flushing Meadows.
Alize Cornet caused a stir.
Source: twitter the heat did strange things to everyone at the US Open today, and Alize Cornet is no exception. The World No.
31 lost to Sweden\'s Larsson, who won 4 in the first round6 6-3 6-2.
Rising Mercury and choking humidity in New York have damaged many of the first round, forcing retirement, and triggered a day when the rules of tournament organizers changed, and the insult to Cornet has increased.
Read: horror heat kills on the grass in Flushing. In order to cope with the cruel environment, people get 10-
At the end of the third set, rest for a minute, and after the end of the second set, women have the same gap.
Some people, like Novak Deyo, choose to be naked with their opponents in the ice bath.
Whatever Cornet does in her time, it needs to be changed.
After Larsson grabbed the second set, the French woman appeared in court again, but soon realized that her shirt had gone the wrong way.
She took it off quickly, then put it on correctly and solved the wardrobe failure in less than 15 seconds.
She wore a sports bra underneath, but it didn\'t matter to the chair referee because he violated the code.
Cornet was stunned and she stretched out her arms and asked her what she had done wrong.
She learned the hard way to take off your gear in court
Even a few seconds.
When the brain fades in the heat rather than in the dressing room, the consequences come.
Former captain of the Commonwealth Cup, Judy Murray
Mother of three children
Time Grand Slam champion Murray-
Attacked the difference between what men can do in the wardrobe and what women can do.
Allow male players to change their jerseys on the court
Nadal often does this.
But Murray\'s call for not allowing female stars to do the same is a double standard.
Azawa Ko returned to the stadium after a 10-minute warm-up match.
Carry her new shirt to the front.
Changed behind the court.
Code violation.
Lack of sports spirit. . . . ?
But men can change their shirts in court.
Found a lot of support in the tennis world.
American star Brittany Matek
Both Sands and Australia\'s Kathy dequart have criticized the call to punish conett, although a Twitter user questioned why television viewers could watch the Simona Halep change on Tuesday\'s appearance, but Cornet can\'t flip her shirt. ? that’s weak! Ridiculous ?
I can ask why no one gave @ WTA \"violation of the code\" for showing Simona Halep that she changed her shirt out of court \"?
It\'s sad and lame for them and I don\'t think they\'ll be late. pic. twitter.
Com/uQ8Wo6yZTIThis is an obvious red card for the official.
Women should be able to change their shirts when they wear sports bras.
No big deal.
I am sure the rule will be re-examined. Ridiculous ?
Cornet described the situation during her loss to Larsson as a \"nightmare \".
She sat on the sidelines crying and told the doctor that she was ready to vomit and had pain in her head and bones.
This is the second time she has struggled with extreme heat in a Grand Slam this year after complaining that she was forced to play in a \"dangerous\" environment at the Australian Open in January.
\"Maybe the rules should be changed, a little better for us.
But we also understand that this is a business and we are not robots and we can\'t just do what we do, \"Cornet said after losing to Elise Mertens.
\"I don\'t want to play like today.
I understand both sides.
It\'s ugly for everyone.
\"It was heatstroke and I started to feel really bad, my head was spinning and my body was hurt, which was weird.
I think there is a good chance that I will have serious problems if I continue.
\"This is unreasonable . . . . . . I feel like I\'m in the oven.
\"I think, \'it\'s crazy that we\'re here.
\"It\'s great for the audience, but for us, we \'ve reached the limit.
I think there is a problem with the heat rule.
\"Chris widemier, head of press at the US Open, said today that this is the first time the men\'s championship has benefited from the warm-up rules, which will be reviewed in one day --to-day basis.
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