women's running tight shorts SHOW SOME LEG / With a few details, women's shorts can be long on style

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-21
women's running tight shorts SHOW SOME LEG / With a few details, women\'s shorts can be long on style
They are loved by football teams and soccer moms, backyard barbecues and Sunday afternoon errands uniforms.Like Teva sandals and Eddie Bauer backpacks, they are practical and sturdy and are a testament to the functional victory over fashion.But if you think you know all about women's shorts, think about it.Staple food in summer...chic?Indeed.See them on Chloe's runway, where they are tailor-made, wearing a collar shirt and a neat suit jacket.Buy green embroidered shorts and decorate them with ivory sailor buttons.Price: $172.Inseam: about 2 1/2.Give it or take half an inch."I found more-How can I say--"Confident women will be attracted to them," says Carina Brown, who owns Maryland boutiques .".If you need a more gentle approach to your own level of confidence, please knowand knee-Shorts also have long legs this season, although it is the most popular style in many stores.However, walking between "a little cute" and "a little cheesy" can be tricky.With pointed shoes or too-The top and overall look of the Lindsay Lohan area is tight.Of course, Lindsay, Britney Spears, Misha and Nicole first promoted the concept of fashion shorts."Shorts reflect what's going on in rock culture and Hollywood culture," said Claire Brooks, president of brand consultancy ModelPeople.Still, there is a way for the average Janes to dress well."The proportions must be correct: the type of jacket, the length of the jacket," said Nancy pilstein, owner of Relish, a Washington boutique."I 've seen some people who look really good, but it needs more research in addition to wearing beautiful clothes."When it comes to wearing shorts to the office, Pierce Stein's point of view is particularly popular.Brooks said: "This is essentially a frivolous style that doesn't look too heavy on itself."So if your workplace is relaxed,Bermuda Length-Customize, press and not wear with flipflops --It can be a leisure activity on Friday.But if you want to be taken seriously at a big meeting, you should wear a set of shorts to support the real thing, which is a minor issue.Especially if you're running for president."I saw Hillary in a suit," Brooks said ."Are you ready to try on trendy shorts in size?When you go to the mall, remember what you should and shouldn't do.Short shorts --Short shorts look best in plain matte tones.Choose the fabric with some kind of structure instead of any fragile or (PANTING!) sheer.This will greatly help to increase your look and feel.Still, don't even consider bringing this style to the office.--Match with covered shortsFeel more "at the top of the day."Sandals or ballet flats are better than high heels: more fashionable and less fashionable.If you absolutely have to take the main road, look for pumps with round toes and low heel.But don't go there if you have any hesitation.Mid-range shorts--The medium length shorts are less than the very short or long style "in.This is good news for some people: worn wrong, this wound is a microcosm of ignorancetourist chic.Dressed beautifully, not dressed beautifully?Looking for details like shorts-Belt, crunchy cuffs and sailorInspiration button.Length is important: the length in the middle of the thigh should be hit.If your shorts just rub your knee, you 'd better put on a white Reebok and fanny bag.--More fashion-Forward shoes with classic shorts.Avoid flat style-They have taken theseBasic bottom drilling-Love colored wedges or patterned twist.Bermuda shorts-Bermudas seems to be the easiest style of shorts to take off, but they visually cut their legs in half, making them less suitable for those who want to look thin.Your best choice is to choose your body.There is not much fancy in skimming style.Make sure they hit the middle of your knee: much shorter, your thighs look like they are wrapped in a sausage shell;It's been a little longer. You still have Joe.--High heels help stretch your look.Make sure your shoes feel summer.Look for canvas or linen style in light or bright tones.
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