royal blue running pants They're Ready For Their Close-Ups / Camped out at Oscars, the starstruck wait to sneak a peek

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-22
royal blue running pants They\'re Ready For Their Close-Ups / Camped out at Oscars, the starstruck wait to sneak a peek
Rob MacArthur in San Diego relaxed.Sitting on the sofa, looking forward to the stars on the red carpet at the Oscars.Chronicles pictures by Kristina Koci hernanderoy B MacArthur loose one in San DiegoSitting on the sofa, looking forward to the stars on the red carpet at the Oscars.Chronicles pictures by Kristina Koci hernandez2001-03-04:00:00 PDT Los Angeles--Every year, when Julie Tabia and Felice Gilseth get together in one or another house in Santa Rosa to watch the Oscars, they envy the standsBefore the ceremony, look at the stars from the red carpet.The two friends are determined to secure their place in the sun at today's Oscars.Because the stand seats are limited, and it is in the first one.come, first-Tapia and Gilseth arrived in Los Angeles on Wednesday to file a claim.They set up a tent a few blocks from the Shrine Auditorium, followed by hundreds of serious stars who have been camping since last weekend.In the first place is a group of 32 people who claim to be the chatter of Oscar.For twenty years, some people have been sitting in the stands, telling the stories of Audrey Hepburn and Federico Fellini.Eighteen-year-Alinda's old Alison Henkel is the newest member of the group.She hopes to get a seat in the front row to catch the eye of Oscar-nominated Ed Harris, who went to Tenafly High School in New Jersey with her mother.Henkel made a poster with a photo of Harris's yearbook printed on it, "take care of yourself ---You are a beautiful girl!" Tapia, a 46-year-The old graphic artist and the 59-year-old Gilseth, who owns a bottled water company in Santa Rosa, made a joke in this makeshift community because of their 4-by-6-The tent is much smaller than the others."But we are trying to keep dignity about it," Tapia said yesterday ."."Felix and I have a rule: if there are TV staff coming over, we refuse to let them get us out of the tent."Sleeping on the street for a few days, just to be able to wave to several movie stars, it seems like an extreme act for millions of people to watch an Oscar on TV.But for these happy campers, this is the best sleep party ever."I know people think we're stupid," Santiago's 28-year-old Robb MacArthur said as he reached out on the royal blue couch he bought for the occasion."You won't really get it unless you 've experienced it.Interesting here.You will meet people from all over the world.Thanks to the party of his family.The supply leasing business of the McArthur group won the best equipment Award.When the temperature dropped last night, they ate fried chicken in the fridge in their tent and basked in the sun.The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences holds a piece of paper in hand, suggesting campers arrive at the preview site with lunch and enough water for about six hours and they will be sitting in the stands today.Despite the thoughtful consideration, the college's official position is to stop all camping activities before the Oscars.Last year, police expelled some stars for blocking a sidewalk near a primary school.But these people are nothing if they don't make up their minds.Oscar's chatter, along with MacArthur's army in second place, arranged for a homeowner to install a tent with sleeping bags on her property line.The rest of the package is just a few blocks away on a Avenue near the University of Southern California campus.Most people have a motel room nearby where they can have a good night's sleep, shower and facilities.When nature calls in the middle of the night, 24-There are several hours of restaurants in the area."At two in the morning, I walked into Danny's house in orange duck slippers.They just looked at me and felt like I was crazy, "said Tina Hernández, 47, the leader of the Oscar chatter.She appreciated that they did not fight the rain as they did in the past few years."We don't say the word 'R' here."In order to pass the time, a group of college students are playing the game of jumping houses.Chalk marks are right next to a dozen sleeping bags in their row, right on the sidewalk.In a couple of spaces in front of them, 62-year-old school psychologist Susan trafagen from moderstowe can be in James Patterson's novel, see how they runShe was surprised to see a filmmaker shot and killed while accepting an Oscar.Indulging in celebrity gossip is another good way to pass the time.Traphagan and her camping partner Kris Klingelsmith recalled how happy Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman looked on last year's show.We were shocked to hear about the divorce.They were very cute when we saw them, "said Klingelsmith, 45, who teaches at the school where Traphagan works.A church group from San Diego praised Angelina Jolie.The Oscar winner is super.Very friendly last year, came to the stands to shake hands."But things with her brother are disgusting," said 20-year-old Jennifer Mora ."."You can't pay me to kiss my brother like she did."Father Louis Newman (" spell like Paul "), a Catholic priest in San DiegoOscar Chatter members, when the stars don't recognize their blefans fans, they think it's bad."The year Whoopi Goldberg won, she won't even wave.Why?She will not pay any price for it."How does his fellow pastor feel about him hanging out in the bleachers?"They are very supportive of this.I went to the Oscars like I did in the Super Bowl.
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