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hoodie sweatshirts for sale Aura Reading at the Obama Inauguration

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-30
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Everything about Obama.Buy it today.\ "In my crazy sprint home from the inauguration, street vendors tempted me, but I decided, in general, I remember I used to go there with a nice souvenir called my brain.\ "Also, if I just pass through quickly and not stay on the item, it could have an impact on traffic.In fact, this is the case.Just shoving into my car with the strange name "Foggy Bottom" at the subway station, I avoided the worst rush to get home.Before I go into the Halo reading section, the human part of the story, a certified good luck travel story.For weeks, the media and email have told us how hard it is for the locals to go to the city center, convincing most of me thoroughly.My heart, except yesterday, has never been persuaded to start pulling the rest of me, my head, my feet and everything.Most of the people I spoke with agreed with me."My expectations are zero.Maybe I will be rejected.But I think it would be nice if I could get in, I just wanted to try."Zero expectations could help, as I found a perfect point of view after only two hours of traveling.Not like some of the disgruntled yuppies I metWhen I got home, I didn't buy a parade ticket, just wanted to be able to enter easily, and then waited in line for three hours and was rejected.Most of the area of the shopping center is closed and full.From the Capitol to the Washington Monument, the crowd is on TV.In the picture on our right, these dots are of course human.From a strategic and realistic point of view, my goal is to stand next to the Lincoln Memorial and the shadow pool for the last period of time.The room was large, with jumbotrons and extreme speakers.Ironically, our huge screen is placed so that even if he takes the oath, thousands of us stand with our backs against the new Prez.Some thoughtful people put the screens away from the sun.Anyway, we hardly think of irony.First of all, I did some big things.Buddy knows from my book );Then I pray to the depths of the Earth.Next, I pray to my ancestors, especially my parents.How did they enjoy voting in this election!I stand by the fence next to the shadow pool and have a clear view of the screen, perfect for reading the halo.I did Halo reading except when President Obama was sworn in.Happy to jump up, I keep jumping up and down, and then like a dribble basketball.Here are the highlights I read in the following time.Why did Obama stumble over at the swearing-in ceremony?At an otherwise perfect ceremony, Barack Obama stumbled upon a point at the beginning when he was officially sworn in.So far, you may have heard the sound of the surface.Level story about what happened.Judge Roberts made a mistake.Obama gave him time to correct.Roberts corrected it, and then Obama said more in the first version.No matter what happens, we are talking about little fools here.In addition to this, especially in the case of large local and international audiences, some people may call it nervous.I don't think so.Mr.Obama has long shown a steel nerve.This is my theory of Reiki reading.Logically, this does not rule out the factual basis for minor crimes, but rather complements them.From the perspective of Halo reading, the presidential inauguration is like a wedding.The frequency did enter the aura of the participants and pour into the crown wheel.Enter a divine commitment, especially if you do it with divine intent, and the participants will attract the most beautiful celestial bodies.I first noticed this with Vice.President BidenWhen he was sworn, the new frequency came from outside the Earth.Imagine the occasional gold foil, bathed in the most beautiful moonlight.If you used to shudder by standing under the full moon, then zoom in to the way Joe Biden looks.Because this is anotherUnicorns in the worldSilver light from outside the Earth, higher --Feed the energy into this person in vibration and prepare him for this new responsibility.In my opinion, Biden is going through a halo that is equivalent to a game of crazy scoring pinball.Ping!Ping!Screech!Flashing the colored lights, watching the scoreboard set a new record.(Starting today, this photo shows the frequency of input before the oath --taking.What did Obama receive?When his image appeared on jumbotron and entered the venue quietly, our audience was ecstatic with applause.Our President-Elect took the deliberate grace of his public appearance.For the Halo reader, however, Obama has more of his usual flash.In fact, this is enough to make the eyes of a Halo reader disappear.I'm used to injecting sparkling gold into Barack Obama, but it's an extra shine, a huge divine blessing.He is used to carrying a lot of such things.Or let it take him.Whenever people comment on Obama's firmness during the campaign, I think, "If you carry so much divine love, light and power, it may also slow you down a bit.\"AN EXTRA-Given his usual halo good stuff, I don't know what happens when Barack's turn is his oath.Use your halo reading skills and take a look at this photo.(Personally, I suggest using the "Dashan technology" authorized by compassion ".
Here's what I think of this shift: knowledge crystals, some of which are now understandable, but most will be absorbed later as President Obama is ready.
Echo silence in a highly intense sacred space.
There is a great feeling of peace and protection, like still entering in the whirlwind.Maybe you will stumble too.What do you think?
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