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hoodie it breaks my heart: looking racism in the eyes

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-19
The article breaks my heart: As an African-American woman trying to be intelligent, I am disappointed with our society as a whole.It is painful enough to have to paste my ancestors together just because of African slavery.However, as a black mother with three sons, I am really worried about the way our black youth die in the hands of the police.
Just a few days ago, a 17-year-old black man was killed by a nearby patrolman in Florida.When the story aired on the news channel, the only thing the young black man felt guilty about was that he was wearing a hoodie sweater, carrying a bag of beer and skittles (candy) and talking on his phone, and it's black.In addition, the gunmen have not been arrested for the incident as the news unfolds.
Of course, as a black woman, I will attend and organize as many events as possible in ralli before the Gunners are arrested.After the murder of this young black man attacked the black community, my youngest son was very upset, so he began to write on his Facebook wall: "Justice of Trayvon Martin ".I looked into my son's eyes and for the first time, as a black man living in this society, I could feel his fear.
My son and I started scrolling down his Facebook page and reading comments that other Facebook members started writing about my son's posts.Some of the comments written by all ethnic groups support my son's post, as they agree that not only should Trevon Martin be given some kind of justice to many situations in terms of police contact, black men are abused.At this moment, I am proud that people from all ethnic groups can feel the pain my son endured every day.
Then hatred began.
A post appeared on the computer screen: "Well, the black man does not belong to the closed community, he is a rogue and he gets everything he deserves;Overcome It Now ".The insult to the injury was that the gunman was not arrested.What message does this send to my black man, to the world?In just one second, I was angered.
However, I have to catch myself because I am not only an educated black woman but also an example for many people.When my son and I were sitting there and starring on a computer screen, the Post supporting Justice disappeared because the posts of pure disrespect and hatred became overwhelming.I was sad because I had my three sons wearing a hoodie for most of their teenage years, and they bought beer and skittles from grocery stores in other neighborhoods, it's a yes they are black all their lives.
My first thought is: "What if this is my child ?"?As an educator, an expert in mental health, a mother, I know that when I make a hard contribution to this society, I feel heartbroken and disappointed, as I continue to contribute to research methods and methods, it will help the struggle of all races with life, and as a black woman, I am proud to stand there, she teaches black children to be proud of their traditions/culture, and I try to instill everything that goes into my children and the children I teach every day can disappear in seconds;Through efforts to recycle racism.This problem has led to the "I don't care" attitude of many black youth.When I think about the ugly eyes that I have encountered racism many times, I can honestly say that I love myself more through education and experience.
To the person who said to my son, "Forget it," I want to say that as a nation, we have forgotten the historical literature, and we are not people who can't overcome it.I ask all mothers, regardless of race, to take the time to feel what I feel every day, because my three black sons meet the evil, cold and jealous eyes of racism;Take the time to feel my nightmare as the mother of Trayvon Martin lives in the reality that I fear the most .......Let us all stand together, not in hatred, but in the lives taken by the hand of love and respect for racist ignorance.
At about 11: 00 a.
on April 9, 2012, no matter what color you are, go outside and wear a hoodie to commemorate the 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who is now dead because he is black.Because there has been a lot of this hatred, we have begun to normalize these actions..More articles written by Renee L Richardson and other mental health experts arrived at www.
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