a man thinks this cambridge shopping centre\'s kardashian underwear adverts are degrading to women

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-11
Calvin Klein\'s advertising campaign at Cambridge mall has been tagged with gender discrimination-as it has no malice --clad men.
Photo of the fashion brand Kardashian sister model has been shown in the Grand Arcade, with three reality TV stars wearing underwear.
Kylie Jenner and her sister Khloe and Kim Kardashian appeared at the MyCalvins event at the American company, posing for pictures in the barn.
However, in order to promote its opening, posters posted on the large arcade have stirred up the anger of shoppers Joe Dugan.
Mr. Duggan, who lives near Suffolk Diss, complained to the management of the center that it was like \"people in their 60 s \".
The project manager, who often works in Cambridge, told us that after the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the growing \"Me Too\" campaign, the campaign was inappropriate.
He said: \"There is a new Calvin Klein store in the Grand Arcade, where I was the other day, with photos of women wearing Calvin Klein underwear on both sides of the escalator.
\"You can think of me as a balanced person if it\'s a man and a woman, but it\'s just a woman.
\"At the Commonwealth Institute of Technology this week, they were all dressed in black for the\" Me Too \"campaign, he added.
\"I think we should respect women in this environment, and we are taking a step back to have women plastered on the wall.
Mr. Duggan said he had complained about the poster for the oversized arcade, but said he had not received a response.
The Kardashians were filmed by Willie van der Pere for the event, wearing the latest collection of Calvin Klein.
According to Calvin Klein\'s website, the campaign was designed around the concept of home.
It says: \"Whether you are a relative or you are connected for a common dream, the family is what you create.
\"It is a patchwork of unified and unbreakable individuals.
That\'s our family.
But Mr. Dugan was not impressed.
\"I am free and open --
\"People with ideas, I think if there\'s some balance, that\'s fine,\" he said . \".
\"But it\'s like someone in their 60 s, and it seems crazy in the current environment too.
\"This is because society no longer respects women and we need to change that.
\"People asked for advice from the Grand Arcade and the Calvin Klein store in Cambridge.
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