100 years of the bra

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-13
Sexy hundred years. . .
This is what we celebrate.
The word \"Brassier\" was first reported in the 1907 issue of American Vogue.
Today, a century later, we are still groping and fiddling with sizes, straps, dents and bags.
With the popularity of the bra, the pursuit of perfect fit will last forever.
But don\'t worry too much, because even Angelina Jolie should say, \"I don\'t even know my bra size until I make a movie.
\"Given where to start, the basic bra has certainly made a lot of progress. . .
Paris\'s designer, Paul porret, has designed clothes that don\'t match the bodice, driving this vibrant revolution.
To solve this problem, Polly designed the first bra.
But American socialite Mary Phelps Jacob got her first patent in 1914 after she made a bra into a bra
Ladies, this is a winner for sure)
Two silk handkerchiefs and some ribbons!
Unfortunately, these bras are designed to accommodate the tailgate style clothing at the time, making the chest calm and minimizing.
As a result, it does not look more than 32 even on the 36 th.
In 1922, seamstress Ida Rosenthal, along with her husband William, introduced the concept of the size of a female Cup.
The two founded the women\'s underwear brand Maidenform.
Needless to say, for women across the United States, their cups are filled with joy. And comfort. . . .
The next time we raise the trophy, we cheer Kestos-style bra.
Created in 1925, it is simple, light and comfortable.
The simple Cup was built with a dart and the fit was adjusted on the back.
The cross elastic band is secured with a button on the front of the bra.
Legend has it that in 1943, inventors
Industrialist Howard Hughes made a seamless bra for Jane Russell while filming the criminal.
However, Russell later denied that she had been wearing an uncomfortable invention.
\"Hughes was in front of the times, and he designed a seamless bra that looked great under a tight silk shirt.
But not very comfortable.
So I wore my usual bra and put the paper towel on the cup so it doesn\'t leave any lines under the shirt, \"she was quoted as saying.
Come to 1959 and DuPont chemist Joseph severs (bless the man! )invented lycra.
The elastic fibers molded around the woman\'s torso are very good and look as if she was poured into the bra.
After wearing the bra, a woman in her 60 s needs a little improvement.
Enter the wonderful bra.
In 1964, Wonderbra developed a deep dive, Lacey pushup design.
This is a successful design in the world, providing those who are brilliant Earth people with the encouragement they need.
Even after 30 years, cheeky ads have led Wonderbra toots in all competitions.
The man was opened.
When they saw the model Eva herzgova wearing a wonderful bra and looking down at her breasts with the slogan \"Hello Boy\", to her tootsies and her. .
Play peek bra-a-
Until 1967, a generation led by Dustin Hoffman was fascinated by Anne Bancroft at the graduation ceremony.
Mrs. Robinson, wearing a black lace number, became the subject of many sexy dreams.
In Bollywood, the bra has been kept secret, appearing only in its sports avatar, or peeking from choli.
In the 1970 s, bras reflected fashion in fancy colors and psychedelic prints.
It\'s also a decade of sports bras.
Designed to keep girls alive and resilient, despite their oh-so-
Intense exercise. In a fashion-
At the defining moment of 1990, the bra changed from underwear to coat.
Pop legend Madonna has made the world alive in Jean Paul gotier\'s costume
Designed a pointed golden cone bra on her Blonde Ambition World Tour.
With the approval of March, this bra has become a celebrity!
The jury has been discussing this for many years, but no one really knows what Victoria\'s Secret is.
The brand gained prominence in early 1990 when it started using supermodels in advertising campaigns.
Some of the more famous include Naomi Campbell, Alexander Ambrosio, Tyra Banks, Gisele bonchen, Leticia cast, Helena kristten. .
Victoria\'s Secret surpassed all their records in 2002, creating $15.
Millions of bras and underwear are titled Red Hot fantasy.
This bra is made of red satin and 1,300 gems, including rubies and diamonds.
From the \"thomdi si lift kara de\" underwear bra to the shoulder-less version of \"stick to for dear life\", bras have changed their look and feel over the years.
This convertible bra is designed with stylish versatility in mind.
It can be converted from a traditional bra to a shoulder-less, sling, backless, and sometimes even a T-shaped braback bra.
Breast-feeding bra is a godsend for feeding mothers, and the entry bra is perfect for girls on the edge of puberty.
While it has been lifting, separating and shocking for a century, the bra still attracts its wearer and the people it is looking.
The latest buzz on the bra is that the gizmo and sports freak are working for the I-Bra —a high-
Technology clothes that can hold iPod.
And an ecosystem. friendly one —
A new bra that can be converted into shopping bags! Go figure. anubha.
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