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Ingor is assigned to be the manufacturer of numerous international brands.

Following Bad Conditions You May Meet


Poor Quality: The clothing extremely easy to be broken when workout.
Bad fabric: Rough touch, easy pilling or poor elastic performance of fabric.
Not on-time reply: Nobody report your order procedure and always ca
n't find the sales.
Very long time of the delivery: Always delay the delivery time,especially for the goods out of stock.

What Ingor providing

Solving your problems are Ingor's responsibility.

Perfect performance of activewear

Active clothing haven't any broken after 100 times pulling  It enhances the possibility when doing what kind of sports. 

24 hour on-line

Following the whole order procedure

Report every detail when Ingor's clients needing. 

Meanwhile, give the professional advice.

One month delivery

complete system, high efficient team and QC rules

are guaranteed the high speed of manufacturing

so the delivery would be fasted under the system control.

New generation fabric

Keep moving updating and testing the fabric 

for satisfying market trend. 

each fabric would be promoted over 200 pcs clothing later



Special design by tracking your idea.

Let's make your idea come ture!

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